Lunch menu: September 2021

MENU September 2021  SVAČINKY_SEPTERMEBER4To order lunches, email us at the beginning of each month which version you would like to order for your child (normal=meat, diet=gluten and diary free, or vegetarian) We automatically order the “meat” version of lunch for each child. If you prefer a different version or want to cancel a lunch for a certain day, we need to receive the information by 3pm of the previous day via sms to #cell: 604 111 566. If you child gets sick or for some other reason cannot attend school and you find out after 3pm of the previous day, you are able to pick up the lunch from the school. Otherwise, the money for the lunch is not refundable after 3pm of the previous day. Lunch fees are due to be paid the following month, according the invoice you will receive from the accountant.