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Jorge is a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico. He grew up and received his education in Denver, Colorado.  He has a Bachelor's degree in k-12 Education  with endorsements in Art, Spanish and TESL. In addition, he has a Master’s degree in Foreign Language; Spanish teaching.  

Jorge started formally teaching in 2015 after obtaining his professional teaching license from the State of Colorado. He taught art and ESL to 1st and 2nd graders as well as middle schoolers in the US for three years. In 2018 Jorge moved to China where he taught art, English and Spanish for another three years to students between 2 and 18 years of age.

Throughout his years teaching students of diverse ages, he has realized that he most enjoys teaching younger students as it is during this stage that they start developing their unique persona.

Coming from a multicultural and bilingual background, Jorge understands the importance of educating our younger generations to not only be proud of their roots, but to also be proud citizens of the world.

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