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✨ABC Academy✨Super Hero Camp⭐️ 🦸🏻‍♀️ 🦹 🦸🏽✨

Our dear Super Heroes✨,

thank you for an amazing week in the mountains, we had si much fun!😊 Now rest well and enjoy time with your families.🥰

PS: will you miss the warm up tomorrow morning?😉

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Dear ABC Team,

Thank you very much for your efforts and commitment to our children. Alice was very happy and enjoyed a lot the Super Hero camp and we can see aswell in the photos!

Take a rest this weekend, you desserved it! 😊


Dear Super Heroes Teachers! Thank you very much for your care during this week and an amazing Camp again!

Naty really enjoyed it and she is saying: I will miss my room and the morning warm up 😊

Have a nice weekend and good rest.

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